Health Improvement Programs

Evidence Based Community Health Intervention Programs

Each of these health intervention programs are based on scientific evidence and are proven to work!
A downloadable PDF registration form for our Evidence Based Health Intervention programs can be found at the bottom of this page. Please call us at 724.438.2584 for additional details on any of our programs!

Moving for Better Balance

Moving For Better Balance is a 12-week evidence-based group exercise program based on the principles of Tai Chi and designed especially for falls prevention. The program works to improve balance, muscle strength, flexibility, and mobility to enhance overall physical health. Participation in the program may also result in better mental health, reduced stress, improved memory and cognition, and increased self-esteem.

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Enhance Fitness

Enhance®Fitness, a 16-week evidence-based group exercise program for older adults that uses simple, easy-to-learn movements that motivate individuals (particularly those with arthritis) to get and stay moving. Enhance®Fitness reduces the risk of falling and incorporates strength training to keep you strong and healthy. In addition to physical benefits, research has shown that participation in Enhance®Fitness reduces healthcare costs each year by close to $1,000 per participant.

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Diabetes Prevention Program

The YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-led National Diabetes Prevention Program and is nationally supported by the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance.
The program provides a supportive environment where participants work together in a small group to learn about healthier eating and increasing their physical activity in order to reduce their risk for developing diabetes. The program, which is led by a trained Lifestyle Coach in a classroom setting, is delivered over a 12-month period, beginning with 16 weekly sessions followed by monthly maintenance.

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Pedaling for Parkinson’s

Neuromotor Wellness/Pedaling for Parkinson’s is a research-based exercise program specifically for those with muscular degeneration challenges including but not limited to Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, stroke recovery, and muscle injury. The class is progressive and holds promise to decrease neuromotor symptoms and to increase quality of life. Participants should be able to walk and stand unassisted. Caretakers are strongly encouraged to attend at no additional cost. Participants must have a waiver and medical clearance. Classes are ongoing- there is no beginning date, so you can register anytime!

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LiveSTRONG at the YMCA

LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is a research-based physical activity and well-being program designed to help all adult cancer survivors reclaim their total health. In this ​FREE ​12 week program ​Participants work with Y staff trained in supportive cancer care to safely achieve their goals such as building muscle mass and strength; increasing flexibility and endurance; and improving confidence and self-esteem.

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Blood Pressure Self Monitoring

One in three American adults has high blood pressure, which puts them at risk for stroke and heart disease, two of the leading causes of death in the U.S.

In response to this critical health issue, YMCA’s Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring program offers personalized support as participants develop the habit of monitoring their blood pressure. Research shows that the process of recording blood pressure at least twice a month over a period of four months can lower blood pressure in many people with high blood pressure.

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Smoking Cessation

Cessation Classes are set in a small group environment and run for 8 weeks at a time. The goal is to help you stop using tobacco by working together in a small group environment to help yourself “stay quit”!  Classes are fun and interactive and include a workbook and other materials (provided for you).

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Strengthening Families

The Strengthening Families Program is a 14-session, evidence-based parenting skills, children’s social skills, and family life skills training program specifically designed for high-risk families. Parents and children participate in SFP, both separately and together. Group Leader Manuals contain a complete lesson for every session. Parents’ and children’s Handouts are also provided for every session.
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