By Pam George

Five reasons dominate:

  1. Weight loss is the number one reason.  Appearance is a major factor in today’s society.
  2. To gain muscle and become lean in the pursuit of a certain physique, i.e. bodybuilder.
  3. To become healthy, Doctor’s orders, to combat inactivity, obesity, diabetes, and/or heart issues.
  4. To join a friend or meet people.
  5. To rehab an injury or ailment.

There are countless more reasons why we decide to work out. Still we are bombarded with images of the perfect look making most of us feel inadequate to say the least.

We may not realize our modern lifestyles and employment contribute to our need to work out.

If you step back and look at the human body today compared to the human body of our ancestor’s it is not all that different. I remember my grandmother being quite plump. You have to go back to Hunter/ Gatherer to find the human that worked out daily as a means of food and shelter not needing to climb on a treadmill or lift a weight because they traversed the land, running from predators and climbing out of harm’s way.

Technology is the major factor in our need to work out.  Emails in the office allow you to stay in your chair to contact co-workers.  Dishwashers make sitting down after a meal much quicker. You can now shop online never leaving your car to walk into the store or through the aisles. Children no longer play outside but sit in front of computer games for hours. Add all the junk, processed food which we don’t need to prepare but which only requires us to simply open a box and pop it into the microwave, and then WHY we need to work out becomes very clear. Convenience means you need not grow your food, pick your food, or prepare your food. Convenience means you never have to walk more than a few steps.

Why we work out:

Body illusions, magazines, doctor’s recommendations, peer pressure, but most of all convenience has made the need to work out the major factor of today’s society. Try inconveniencing yourself a little this week so that you can work out because you want to feel better rather than because you have to do it.