by Pam George

Our bodies are designed for movement… simple basic movement… walk, run, jump, climb, lift, twist, push, and pull.

For babies, walking is pretty basic. We learned this much without much instruction. As a baby we instinctively move our arms and legs until the muscles become strong enough to allow us to roll over, to push up to all fours, to crawl to an object, and to stand. One step at a time we began to walk.

Pushing, pulling, and twisting were needed to get to an upright position. Running came easily once walking was accomplished. Our balance came naturally. Climbing was needed to reach those forbidden objects and to escape the playpen. Jumping down from a step was never taught but accomplished. Lifting and holding your first object and picking up toys was no problem.

As children we couldn’t wait to move and to be free to explore the unknown.

Now the adult body… We have lost touch with the simple art of movement. We have made it complicated. We have become reliant on every type of instruction. We need gadgets and gizmos. We need advice and recommendations. We are unsure about how our bodies should move. We have lost the ability to distinguish the inappropriate use of our hips, shoulders, and feet.

We don’t see basic movement as a value. The only value we see is the effect movement has on our appearance. Using our bodies to move is a requirement; it is not an option. You need to use your muscles and move your joints in all directions to continue to have the ability to do so. Pain in the adult body develops into poor movement patterns and the lack of the ability to move our joints correctly. Misalignment in our structure sends stress throughout the skeleton.

Movement is not complicated, you just need to do more of it. Keep it simple: walk, run, jump, climb, lift, twist, push, and pull just a little more everyday.