by Gina Shell

Every long distance runner should do speed work on a track. This training is especially important if you want to improve your times in races. Here are 10 reasons why the distance runner needs speed work training.

1. The most valid reason is for performance. It’s guaranteed to make you run faster.   By adding speed training to your endurance base, you will be able to takes seconds or even minutes off your PR (personal record). Speed work allows you to improve specific muscles used at higher speeds.

2.  The only way to improve form is by running fast in practice. You will learn and accustom yourself to run more efficiently.

3.  Running on the track allows for some variety. No one wants to run the same roads and route day after day.

4.  There is a certain excitement to running on the track. Perhaps there are other people there. On the track there is no question on the distance completed.

5.  There are tracks in every city and town. This access makes speed work more convenient to do.

6.  Running on the track also helps to keep you focused. The track is keeping your attention the entire workout. On the road, you mind could wander and cause you to slow down.

7.  Obviously, there is safety in running on the track. There are no cars or traffic to deal with.

8.  Sometimes on the track, there will be fellow runners. There is a feel of companionship.

9.  Motivation can increase from training on the track. If you have a coach, he/she can be there and time your intervals and help keep you on pace for the goal time.

10.  Lastly, there is a pleasure to running on the track. It just feels plain good to run fast.

Just check at your local track for the times the track is open to the general public. Try speed work before your next race, and your time… guaranteed… will decrease.


Happy running!