by Pam George

It’s 4 degrees outside and we are talking about a water workout. The properties of water make for a fabulous workout and an even better rehab workout. If you have never used a pool for a water workout you are missing out.

Some benefits of a water workout are improved flexibility, aerobic capacity (heart and lungs), strength, endurance (how long you can do something), and core stability (the body’s midsection). Body alignment improves along with muscle symmetry (muscles working in opposition).

A water workout reduces stress and provides less impact on joints and bones. Recovery from injury is faster. Hydrostatic pressure from the water pushing against the body assists with a more efficient venous return (blood supply). A water workout enhances mobility in the joints for those with osteoarthritis. It also can improve lung capacity due to the humidity of the aquatic area for those with asthma. Athletic performance is improved, and it is a great workout for pregnancy reducing low back discomfort, overheating, and edema (swelling in the legs).

Water is buoyant, creating an upward thrust against the body. Water creates drag on the body moving through the water. Gravity is decreased in the water as is acceleration (how fast you can move). Impact on the body is decreased

Walking through the water or better yet running through the water can be quite a workout. You can also do a deep water workout with a flotation device if you cannot swim which takes all the weight off your joints. This activity is great for rehabbing an injury or just working your muscles in a weightless atmosphere.

Workout in the pool, and experience the tremendous drag of the water against your body as you push through the water. You can create a resistance your muscles will love. Use the water to rehab an injury or as an alternate workout and a cross training tool.

Our pool at the YMCA is 83 degrees and ready for you to try. Our instructors teach classes daily and can show you how to do a great workout. It is warm inside our pool area. Come in out of the cold, and try a pool workout today.