by Pam George
We all have that one area we just are not happy with. The stomach is a big one, followed by the the hips and thighs, and the chest or arms. These areas usually drive you to request the advice of a trainer. Most people want to fix the area that seems to bother them the most. When asking what your goals are a trainer will usually hear I’d like to reduce this area or build that area.

The fact that you are looking to change your body at this time is good. You are looking to fix an area of your body that bothers you for one reason or the other. It is good you have decided to work out, but the reality is the area you are dissatisfied with is part of a much deeper solution.

The body as a whole can take on many distorted shapes. Trying to reduce one specific area will not correct the underlying problem. You can train the specific area over and over and not achieve the result you have envisioned.

The human body will store fat in genetically predetermined areas. Training those areas will not result in fat loss from those areas. For example doing crunches, reverse curls, and perhaps full sit-ups will not reduce the fat storage in the abdominal area. It will strengthen the muscle group of that area, but the desired look will likely not be accomplished.

A better approach is total body fitness. Training the whole body with a strength and cardio conditioning component is more effective at reducing overall fat storage and achieving a fit, lean, and healthier looking body.

So when your trainer has you doing squats, lunges, pushups, pullups, and running, and you wanted a flat stomach, you’re well on your way to achieving it. Work the whole body and you will see reductions in the spots that bother you most.