by Pam George ACE CPT

What is your motivation to stay healthy? We all want to feel good, to look good, to have energy, to be creative, and to enjoy our lives.

Are you currently where you want to be with your life? Is the job you currently have the one you want, or is it just paying the bills? Do you feel happy on most days or overwhelmed? Are your days filled with running from job to family commitments? Do you know what you want or need to feel fulfilled? Do you feel you are physically fit? Is your weight, or better yet body composition, ideal? All of these stressors can affect your health.

Some people can make a decision, make a commitment, start on the process, and never look back. Others will make a decision, make a commitment, start on the process, and stop in just a few short weeks, repeating that same cycle over and over again in their quest to get or be healthy.

Some of us are motivated when we look in the mirror and our clothes are tight and uncomfortable, some are motivated by co-workers who have started an activity, celebrities on the internet and television, along with trainers boasting about their program’s immediate results. Then some of us are motivated by our physicians and the health consequences that can happen with age and/or obesity. These motivations are extrinsic or external factors that motivate us.

Finding your happiness with more of an intrinsic motivation or internal personal satisfaction and things that you enjoy can bring better adherence to the commitment you make on your quest to get or stay healthy.

Fitness is just one part of your personal path to get or stay healthy. Find what motivates you to stay the course by getting advice and doing activities you enjoy. Team up with a friend. Schedule your activity at a convenient time and location. Educate yourself on all the factors that are affecting your health. Get the best nutritional and fitness advice you can.

Fitness can and should be a part of everyday life and finding the path that motivates you the most to show up is the best path to follow. Our YMCA is full of healthy options for you to find your best self, including personal training with qualified trainers, fitness classes, wellness classes, dietary education, social responsibility, and educational programs. There are options for every member of the family from senior to mommy and me. Come let us help you find your intrinsic motivation.