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The Uniontown Area YMCA is committed to helping you do more than just lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. The Uniontown Area YMCA wants you to be Holistically Healthy. What does holistic health mean? It means:

  • Healthier Eating
  • An Active Lifestyle
  • A Supportive Community
  • Permanent, Sustainable Behavior Change
  • New Healthy Habits
  • A Healthy Weight
  • Reduced Disease Risk
  • Better Sleep
  • Lower Stress and Better Stress Management

The new Uniontown Area YMCA Holistically Healthy program is a weight loss program, but it is so much more! It is a six month behavior change program meant to both get you moving and eating better and meant to improve your life, overall. It is not a diet. Instead it is a health program with a high level of support meant to guide you step by step through the process of finding small, incremental, sustainable changes that will lead to a lifelong healthier weight and lifestyle.
Why is the program so long?
Behavior change takes time. Despite the empty promises we sometimes hear, there are no magic pills or quick fixes. Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight long term requires you to find and implement changes that work for you today and that you can maintain throughout your life. Crash diets and short term starvation may lead to weight loss, but research shows us that most people gain back even more weight when they return to their normal eating habits. This program is designed to help you find permanent changes that work for you that will end the up and down cycle of diets and weight gain. And the program is meant to target other areas of your life that impact your weight and your happiness such as sleep, hydration, disease risk, stress, motiva-tion, and problem solving!
Why nutrition and more?
While many people recognize that healthier food is the right place to start for a healthi-er lifestyle and weight, others work out feverishly without changing their eating habits and experience frustration when they do not lose weight. You can’t outrun the fork. The secret to finding a sustainable, healthy weight lies in both healthier eating habits and physical activity to build lean muscle which burns calories faster and boosts your me-tabolism. But there is more that impacts you weight and your happiness. This program allows you to improve aspects of your life that you may not even know are impacting your weight, like your sleep and your stress. Our end goal? A holistically healthy you!
tours, or cooking lessons. The program is limited to twelve participants per session, and participants must agree to attend and pay for all six months of the program.
What does the Program cost?
Members of the Uniontown Area YMCA can participate in the program for $60 per month. Community members can participate for $90 per month, which includes a YMCA membership during the program, and a membership discount if you complete the program! A six month program commitment is required.
What does the program include?
The program includes 18, one hour, classroom sessions on topics such as food choices, portions, staying active, hydration, barriers to a healthy lifestyle, menu planning, and sleep. These classroom sessions occur every week for the first 12 weeks and then twice a month for the last three months of the program and include weigh ins and body composition analysis. Each week of the six month program there is a one hour, small group, training session. In addition, each week there is an activity session. These activity sessions allow for the group to engage with each other in fun, healthy activities. These activity sessions include things like group walks or bike rides, grocery store trips.

A Six month program commitment is required.
Members $60 per month
Community members $90 per month
Registration required. Call 724-438-2584